Theme 3: IP Transfer and Commercialization

Keynote Speaker

Rainis Venta

Technology Transfer @TALTECH

IP Transfer and Commercialization

“IP Transfer and Commercialization,” a keynote by Rainis Venta from Taltech, provides an interesting insight for founders about IP Transfer and Commercialization.  


Vaido Mikheim deeptech startups
Vaido Mikheim

Deep Tech Project Lead @Startup Estonia​

IP Transfer and Commercialization​

What are the common pitfalls in the technology transfer process and how can they be avoided? How can startups effectively negotiate licensing agreements with research institutions? What are the first steps in creating a commercialization plan for a deep tech innovation? How to protect IP when its public?

Expert Panel

Kai Erik Elers
Kai-Erik Elers

IPR Sales Lead @ VTT

Erik Puura
Erik Puura

Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship @Taltech

Aline de Santa Izabel
Aline de Santa Izabel

Innovation Ecosystems & Partnerships @Compare

Mart Maasik
Mart Maasik

Investment Director @UniTartu Ventures

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