Boost your tech startup in Baltics and Nordics with support and funding from EIT Digital

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Do you have a super cool tech project and want to supercharge its growth? πŸ’‘

Well, here’s the scoop: Join the EIT Digital “Open Innovation Factory 2023” program and let us help you turbocharge your digital deep tech startup!

We’re all about the future, and our program is like rocket fuel for your high-tech dreams. πŸš€

What’s in it for you? Here are the deets:

πŸ’° Cash, baby! We’ll hook you up with up to 400K Euros to make your tech vision a reality.

🀝 Get the VIP treatment when it comes to finding investors and customers. We’ll be your wingman!

🧠 Wise folks who have been there and done that will be your mentors. They’ll help you navigate the startup rollercoaster.

🌍 Connect with over 350 awesome partners from all over Europe. We’re talking business wizards, brainy researchers, money peeps, and even some government heroes!

Ready to rock your startup journey? Apply by November 13 to the EIT Digital Open Innovation Factory and let’s make magic happen! 🌟 Support and questions: