Speaker: Andi Hektor

Session: Technology Transfer and Commercialization 

About Andi

Founder and CSO @GSCAN

Introducing Andi Hektor, a luminary in the world of deeptech and muon tomography, at DeepEST 2024.

As the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of GScan, Andi embodies the intersection of academic research and entrepreneurial acumen. With over two decades in academic research and three years in entrepreneurship, he has a rich background in physics, computer science, and the business of deeptech. His journey from being a senior researcher at KBFI to contributing to monumental discoveries like the Higgs Boson and pioneering work in dark matter, positions him uniquely. 

At GScan, Andi applies his expertise to revolutionize industries like civil engineering, security, and medicine. His story is a testament to the power of translating complex scientific concepts into practical, industry-changing solutions, making him an invaluable mentor for early-stage deeptech founders.

Session: Technology Transfer and Commercialization 
Andi Hektor DeepEST 2024 Deep tech startups

What is GSCAN doing?

Estonian DeepTech startup GScan has developed a safe scanner technology that uses natural cosmic radiation that surrounds us everywhere on the Earth and is unharmful for humans. The company behind this unique innovation recently opened a pilot factory in Estonia and is rapidly entering into global construction tech, security and defence markets worth tens of billions of euros.

In 2021, the company started a €7.5 million project financed by the EU. The University of Tartu, the Italian company CAEN producing advanced electronics, the German Space Agency, the University of Sheffield and UCLouvain are all on board. The project result will be a truck scanning system installed in the port of Tallinn. The two national R&D projects started in 2022, with a total budget of €2.8 million. In 2022, GScan raised €2 million from Estonian private investors.

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