Speaker: Jari Mieskonen

Session: Navigating the Funding Landscape

About Jari

Fundraising Specialist @ EIT Digital Accelerator

Meet Jari, a seasoned venture manager in the Nordic and Baltic investment landscape, who will be speaking at DeepEST 2024. With a portfolio of over 120 direct investments, Jari’s experience spans across a broad spectrum of technologies, reflecting his generalist approach. His tenure includes significant roles such as being a board member in every direct investment he’s executed, several years in the Invest Europe venture council, and currently as the chairman of the Nordic Venture Network.

Jari is known for his balanced approach, always safeguarding the founders’ interests in complex deal structures while maintaining a neutral professionalism in deal-making. His deep understanding of market cycles, emphasizing the importance of timing over maximum value, comes from a rich career in venture capital. As a former managing partner of Conor Venture Partners and an investment director at Eqvitec, he has honed his expertise in financing and technology management.

His previous roles as director at Sitra and chairman of several companies, coupled with an MSc in Production Economics from Helsinki University of Technology, underpin his comprehensive insights. Jari’s perspective will be invaluable for DeepEST attendees, offering a wealth of knowledge in navigating the complexities of venture management and investment strategies.

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