Speaker: Kalev Kaarna

Session: Navigating the Funding Landscape

About Kalev

Mentor @ Creative Destruction Lab

Meet Kalev Kaarna at DeepEST 2024, a master strategist in sales and a former investor at Superangel Investment Fund. Kalev’s expertise lies in catapulting early-stage tech startups to new heights. At Superangel, he spearheaded an accelerator program that was instrumental in 33 startups raising over €42 million, showcasing his knack for nurturing promising ventures.

Kalev’s skill set is diverse, encompassing AI/ML, robotics, dual-use sensors, and B2B SaaS startups. He focuses on critical areas like fine-tuning sales strategies, especially in finding customers pre-product launch, honing startup focus, scaling effective habits, simplifying fundraising, and crafting compelling startup stories. His belief that founders should evolve faster than their companies reflects his commitment to personal and professional growth, making him an invaluable mentor for participants at DeepEST, who are navigating the challenging waters of tech entrepreneurship.


What is Creative Destruction Lab doing?

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is an objectives-based 9-month program for massively scalable, seed-stage science- and technology-based startups. The program takes no equity and charges no fees – it is funded through philanthropy. CDL-Estonia was founded by Sten Tamkivi, Taavet Hinrikus and Andrew Thompson. At the core of the program is a series of four intensive, full-day session meetings where founders meet with a curated group of successful tech entrepreneurs, partners in VC funds or super-angels, and star scientists to set short-term objectives and raise capital. In Estonia we focus on Digital Society – a variety of technologies in different industries utilizing big data, AI and ML, predictive analytics and cybersecurity solutions. 

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