Speaker: Kristjan Tiik

Session: Deeptech MVP Creation

About Kristjan

CEO and Co-founder @Efenco

Introducing Kristjan at DeepEST 2024, the CEO & Co-founder of Efenco, a deep-tech startup striving to achieve Energy Peace through innovative energy solutions. Kristjan is a master at identifying market needs, fostering extraordinary collaborations, and leading a team aligned with ambitious environmental goals. His journey includes transforming Piletilevi into a leading online ticketing business in the Baltics and advising over 200 startups at Enterprise Estonia in innovation management.

A game-changer, Kristjan’s leadership in bringing the HERC technology from lab to market, reducing carbon emissions by 18%, showcases his commitment to impactful innovation. His heart-based leadership style is reflective, relaxed, and responsive, qualities that resonate well with institutional investors and VCs.

Beyond the boardroom, Kristjan’s interests in ice swimming and beekeeping offer a glimpse into his profound connection with nature and understanding of the importance of discipline, communication, and collaboration. His multifaceted personality and experience make him an inspiring figure for attendees at DeepEST, particularly those navigating the complex terrain of deep-tech entrepreneurship.


What is Efenco doing?

Efenco is developing disruptive Cold-Plasma-Assisted Carbon Neutral Combustion (CPA PAC for short) technology for industrial heat production to achieve a whole new level of efficiency & GHG emissions reduction in the burning of methane, hydrogen & their mixtures.

Introducing HERC (High Energy Ray Ceramic), innovation in fundamental physics & materials technology. HERC is a robust, reliable, & self-powered solution that initiates PAC in the combustion and exhaust processes and boosts burning efficiency by 18%, and lowers GHG emissions by 20%. HERC is designed to be fitted in existing industrial boiler systems to gain a higher return on assets and lower OPEX. We address the gains and pains of >1MW high-temperature process heat (HTPH) companies on their path to CO2 neutrality.

Recently, Efenco announced €4.5 million in funding to further our mission of pioneering low-carbon technologies

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