Speaker: Ville Heikkinen

Session: Navigating the Funding Landscape

About Ville

Partner @Butterfly Ventures

Join us at DeepEST 2024 to meet Ville, a known figure in the New Nordics venture capital scene and a cornerstone at Butterfly Ventures, renowned for propelling seed-stage technology companies from nascent ideas to triumphant exits.

With a rich tapestry of over two decades in advisory roles, Ville has been the architect behind the international expansion and governance of numerous tech and service companies. His expertise is not just confined to the boardroom; as a seasoned speaker, he imparts wisdom in financing, strategy, and corporate governance to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Armed with a Master of Laws and a Master of Science in Economics, complemented by advanced studies at MIT and in future technologies, Ville embodies the spirit of DeepEST Forum — transforming deep tech ventures from theoretical concepts to global trailblazers. Don’t miss the chance to glean insights from his expansive knowledge at this pivotal gathering for deeptech aficionados.


About Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is the leading seed stage focused VC in the New Nordics. Butterfly Ventures was founded in 2012. Ever since then they been one of the most active early stage VCs in the region. Butterfly Ventures has offices in Oulu, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Butterfly Ventures is investing in the seed stage startups in the New Nordics area (Nordic+Baltics). Right now they are actively looking for deep tech, HW and HW interfacing SW related startups

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