Speaker: Kaari Kink

Session: Navigating the Funding Landscape

About Kaari

Investment Associate @ Superangel.io

Meet Kaari at DeepEST 2024, a dynamic investor at Superangel, an early-stage fund renowned for nurturing technology companies such as Bolt, Veriff, and Starship

At Superangel, Kaari has been instrumental in shaping the fund’s value proposition, leveraging her extensive network of funds and experts to aid startups in scaling new heights. She has also been a pivotal force behind successful startup events like Base Camp and Science Base Camp, contributing to the growth of over 100 startups. Her keen eye for scouting category-defining startups in the Baltics and Nordics and her close work with founders of early-stage deep tech companies exemplify her hands-on approach.

Adding to her diverse profile, Kaari is the newly appointed Chair of the Board at Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EstVCA). Her multi-faceted role in the New Nordic startup ecosystem makes her a perfect fit for the DeepEST forum, where she brings invaluable insights for early-stage founders looking to navigate the complex world of deep tech startups.


What is Superangel doing?

Superangel is early stage investment fund and company builder. They invest their time, experience and capital to help start and grow the next wave of European technology startups, focusing on “from founder to founder” concept where early stage capital is coupled with company building.

Superangel is is the backer of companies such as Bolt, Veriff, Pipedrive, Montonio, BOBW, Nordigen, Salv, Sonarworks and many others.

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