Theme 1: Funding Deep Tech Ventures

Keynote Speaker

Kaari Kink

Investments @ Superangel

The State of Deep Tech Funding in New-Nordics

“The State of Deep Tech Funding in New-Nordics,” a keynote by Kaari Kink from Superangel, provides a comprehensive overview of the current trends and dynamics in deep tech investments within the New-Nordic region. Kink discusses the increasing interest in sectors like AI, biotech, and clean energy, highlighting the region’s unique strengths and challenges. 


Kalev Kaarna

Mentor @ Creative Destruction Lab

Funding Deep Tech Ventures

How do you identify and approach the right investors for a deep tech startup ? What are the key components of a successful pitch to investors who may not be familiar with deep tech? How can deep tech startups leverage local and EU grants effectively? When to switch to private funding from grants?

Expert Panel

Mari Luukkainen
Mari Luukkainen


Ville Heikkinen

Partner @ Butterfly Ventures

jari mieskonen deep tech startups estonia deepest
Jari Mieskonen

Fundraising @ EIT Digital Accelerator

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