Theme 2: Deep Tech MVP Creation

First Keynote

Kristjan Tiik

CEO and Co-founder @Efenco

The Story of Efenco

At the DeepEST Forum, Kristjan Tiik, CEO of Efenco, will deliver a keynote titled “The Story of Efenco.” He will tell the journey of Efenco, a pioneering company in the sustainable energy sector. The talk covers challenges faced, lessons learned, and some future plans.

Second Keynote

Mirko Tadic
Mirko Tadic

Venture Programs @EIT Digital

Venture Program: From Prototype to MVP

At the DeepEST Forum, Mirko Tadic, RIS Venture Program and Deephack Lead at EIT Digital, gives a keynote focused on the EIT Digital Venture program’s aims, particularly in fostering digital innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Kadri Tammai

Head @Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Deep Tech MVP Creation

What is the process for defining the MVP for a deep tech product? How do you conduct effective market fit testing for a product that is the first of its kind? What are the challenges unique to developing MVPs in deep tech, and how can they be overcome?

Expert Panel

Andi Hektor DeepEST 2024 Deep tech startups
Andi Hektor

CSO and Co-Founder @ GScan

Heikki Haldre

Founder @ Miros

Matīss Brunavs

Founder & CEO @Squad Robotics

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